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2008 Campaign

Ron Paul Communications

is a web site dedicated to all those who support our good 'Dr. No' and his personal stand for our constitution. The 2008 tab was the first website built specifically to help his followers in support of The Good Doctor's presidential run. This web site now is dedicated to one simple end: to enable and empower Ron Paul supporters to achieve their goals. RPC is established to facilitate your ability to communicate and enable you to better synergize the value of your efforts as you reach out to others IN YOUR COMMUNITY to discuss these most important Issues. I encourage you to consider placing an advertisement in your local newspaper: []; a 3 column wide by 1 inch deep display run 5 times throughout the paper on a give date. Please see the "How can I help? What can I do?" tab for details. I also feel it important to direct you to a supporting web site should you chose to enter American Politics:, which has its own Political Campaign Builder on par with anything the DNC or the RNC has to offer. Also, don't forget the big picture and check out the other websites for topics of interest to you under Americans Restoring America.

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